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Lights Flash At Night On Arlo Baby

I’ve set the Arlo baby to not have the lights flash but at night it flashes blue or orange anyway and wakes the baby up. Why if set to not indicate with lights do they still come on? Plus now I have an awake screaming baby.

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Lights Flash At Night On Arlo Baby

Flashing  blue/amber was prob the FW update that happen recently on the 6th( updates happen at night )... put tape over the LED as I did.


The turn light off function does not control this

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Re: Lights Flash At Night On Arlo Baby

Okey, now its 30min since it happend.. i have calmed down!

Arlo dev team needs to fix this asap...

My issue:
Carefully put my kid into bed, finally have gotten here so tired that she can sleep..

Turns on arlo app on the phone, see that the «connecting wheel» is using more time than it should... And just as i realize that its lost connection, it lights up the entire bed (orange) And starts flashing Purple/blue telling me its trying to get back online!


I understand that u guys need a flashing light to indicate failure.. but let me turn ALL LEDS OFF... a force reboot will get it back up if anything happends later..

Please fix this asap... i almost ended up throwing my 300$ device in the tiles today., (about 30mins ago Smiley Wink )

Fix it please <3
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Re: Lights Flash At Night On Arlo Baby

I know I'm late on this...but.....


The baby does not need to know that the network is down. I'm not in the room to see the flashing light. So who is it for? Why can't it be turned off? We have given up on using the Arlo because of the amount of times it has woken up the baby. $300 wasted.
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Re: Lights Flash At Night On Arlo Baby

Its much better now tho! Its not flashing anymore! Just a solid ledlight. But still pointless! BUT better
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Re: Lights Flash At Night On Arlo Baby

Placing a small piece of electrical or other opaque tape over the LED light should work around the issue, but I agree that when you select an option to disable the status light it should disable it completely and this is a problem I've also had.


It would probably be better to post this under "New Ideas" for consideration as a future software update.

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