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Arlo Baby - Gapless playback of white noise

The Arlo Baby currently doesn't play "continuous" white noise.  Every track stops for 1 second, before playing the next track, including if the same track is played on a loop.  The track "white noise" lasts for 15 seconds, so the "white noise" is broken by gaps every 15 seconds.  A similar track "canyon river" lasts 1min9sec, but breaks every 1min9seconds. 


Customer support (live chat) has confirmed that this is not yet flagged as an issue in Netgear's systems, which I find very suprising.  A community forum post here suggests the matter was first raised in September 2018, and Netgear has yet to provide a solution (


White noise is essentially useless if it has gaps.


The solution is simple - please fix the firmware to provide gapless playback.

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Re: Arlo Baby white noise loop not continuous

Will a solution for continuous white noise be released this quarter, Q3?

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Re: Arlo Baby white noise loop not continuous

Yes, I second this. Please just fix the issue so we can all use the product for what it’s intended for.
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Re: Arlo Baby white noise loop not continuous

It’s only been nearly a year now....
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