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Arlo Baby Motion/audio settings keep changing

Hi guys, I recently purchased 2 arlo baby cameras. I’m having issues with the motion and audio settings changing themselves. I’ll have them set to detect audio and motion, record a clip and send me a notification(as pictured). But every now and then I’ll hear my baby screaming (haven’t been notified) after which I’ll check my settings which have cleared themselves to “do nothing”
My poor little guy has been left screaming quite a few times now because these settings keep changing themselves without warning

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Arlo Baby Motion/audio settings keep changing

Is this happening with both Baby cams ?


If only one, then I may consider a full reset to rebuild the settings in the unit.

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Re: Arlo Baby Motion/audio settings keep changing

Hello @TomMac I have a similar issue. Not only are the motion / audio notifications switching off automatically, ( as per your message I hear baby screaming and no notification). I also have issue that the Mode selected is also changing automatically. Ie from Monitor on to morning selected. Team Arlo pls look into this

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Re: Arlo Baby Motion/audio settings keep changing

Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

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