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Arlo Baby 'Always On' Viewing Mode

When I purchased the Arlo Baby on Amazon a review stated that there was an 'always on' feature that could be used on a kindle fire tablet.  From my understanding this makes it similar to a traditional baby monitor that is on until manually shut off.  I have Googled how to do this with no luck.  Can anyone help with this?  I know about the 'always listening' mode, I haven't tested that feature yet but will soon.  Thanks in advance.



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Re: Arlo Baby 'Always On' Viewing Mode

The baby has an "instant on" feature... that the startup of the app and the camera is auto viewing live.

It also has the "always on" feature that leaves the audio on even when the phone screen goes off.


Both are settable in settings.... not aware of any  viewing features,...

tho yes, the screen and baby view would stay on as long as the app / device is running

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