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Re: Turning off message feature and delay issues

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ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @alexmcleaniii


  Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

l36 Aspirant
any updates? I won‘t install the doorbell as long as the message feature is active by default and can‘t be deactivated.
alexmcleaniii Aspirant

I have not. Will there be someone there on the weekend?

bscardin Star

Well, believe it or not I actually had someone try to leave me a messag on the doorbell yesterday. I say try, because guess what, it didn’t work!  I got a notice saying someone left me a message but when I clicked on the notification it just took me to the app. There was nothing in the app about a message. I have the associated camera auto record via motion and not the doorbell because I want alerts on a schedule (can’t do that with the doorbell). I went to the camera videos to see if I could find it and I literally had to scroll through and watch each video until I found the video and then watch the whole video to find the part with the message. The best part is the poor person heard the prompt to push again to leave a message but then there was no feedback for him to know when to talk so he stood there clueless for like 15 seconds. 


Honestly I've pretty much had it with the dumpster fire that is the software for this mediocre hardware. And the is kind of being rude to dumpster fires.  The message prompt cannot be turned off and doesn’t really work. The settings are terrible to figure out and nearly useless. The chime always disconnects. The delay is usually huge. The integration with the cameras is useless if you want to also use the camera schedule. The acknowledge tone is barely audible. The battery life is hit or miss.  When I answer on my phone the video almost never works.  I bought it when it first came out thinking they would improve it. They have not. The level of annoyance with this thing is soul sucking.  Planning to remove this aweful thing this weekend. 



Whew. Sorry for the rant. I had to get that off my chest. 

wpvbalen Tutor
Recently purchased the arlo doorbell and I agree with what everyone in this thread is saying: There absolutely needs to be an option available to disable the automatic response. It's just ridiculous that the arlo doorbell rudely interrupts a conversation at the door if you did not use your phone to handle the incoming doorbell call before opening the door....

Also, building on this, I would like to have the possibility integrate the enabling/disabling of the automatic response with the geofaced enabled devices in our home.
n3m3d70 Tutor

Has there been any resolution to turning off the message feature on the doorbell?


Chillout7 Initiate
My resolution was that I returned it and bought a Ring doorbell 🙂
aumis93 Tutor

This may not be new but after just reseting my doorbell for the 37th time I tried turning the speaker volume all the way down and it no longer talks to you.  So, I still have to reset it every 3 days but at least it no longer talks to the people on my porch.

JJS68 Luminary

isn't the volume for the chimes speakers

tbc3 Initiate
I too have turned the speaker volume on the doorbell to 0% to prevent the "leave a message" audio from being heard. The downside is people often press the button repeatedly as there is no feedback their push has registered, and the chime indoors takes a while to be activate (so a voice message is covertly recorded).

I would *much* prefer to simply receive a notification when someone pushes the doorbell rather than use the incoming call and "leave a message" features.

I'm honestly surprised this simpler configuration isn't possible. I should have done my research first.

The Arlo Doorbell is marketed as a doorbell yet it seems to have "features" that make it more like an intercom and answering machine 😕
ErikNy Tutor

I very much second the request of being able to remove "leave a message". It's a really stupid feature if it's always on – and maybe a nice one if you can choose whether or not to use it.

happy_flora Aspirant


@aumis93  a écrit :

anouther nice feature woudl be if would do a ding dong on the doorbell side so they knew they pushed it and it worked

disabling the  "leave a message" on the doorbell woudl be a nice feature

bscardin Star
The funny part is the doorbell _does_ play a tone at the doorbell when someone presses the button. It just doesn’t really work. If you listen really closely you might be able to hear it. I’ve reset mine and even got a replacement doorbell from Arlo and nothing is fixed it. The quality behind this product is shockingly bad.
hquintino Tutor
Not considering the possibility to disable the "leave a message" feature in a near future is half-way for me to sell all the Arlo setup and change brand. Please improve the doorbell features, since they are very poor, just read and pay attention to customers claims and reasonable suggestions
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