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Re: Turning off message feature and delay issues

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aumis93 Tutor

Installed the doorbell yesterday and it seems promising.  The only place we have to install a doorbell is perpendicular to the door so it doesn't see motion till the person is right about to push the button.  It doesn't always register the first press and then takes 3-5 seconds to ring the chimes.  Is this behavior expected?  We have it paired with a camera looking down on the front porch.


Also, is there any way to turn off the "Leave a message" feature?  We don't really want our house talking to people be default.

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



The doorbell will sense nearby motion and "wake up" prior to someone pressing the button to initiate the doorbell. Otherwise it remains in a "sleeping state" to preserve battery life. If it's positioned in such a way that does not allow the motion sensor to sense someone prior to the button being pressed, this could result in the behavior you're experiencing.


Currently, the "leave a message" feature cannot be disabled. We may consider this as an enhancement in the future.





JJS68 Luminary

disabling the  "leave a message" on the doorbell woudl be a nice feature

JJS68 Luminary

anouther nice feature woudl be if would do a ding dong on the doorbell side so they knew they pushed it and it worked

bscardin Star

I just ordered the doorbell and am doing some reasearch while waiting for it to be shipped.  I just assumed that you could turn off the "leave a message" feature but reading this it would seem that I cannot.  Is that true?  If so then it may be getting returned before it is even opened. 


I mean isn't the "normal" use case for a doorbell that you walk up and open the door?  That means if someone rings the doorbell then about the time I arrive to open the door it will be saying, "Ring again to leave a message..."  That is silly.  I would never want that feature unless I could invoke it by actively ignoring a ring on my phone (e.g. when some solicitor comes to the door :)).

Terminal3 Apprentice

If you are connected to a mechanical doorbell, as I am, you get a normal bell immediately.  I still see a noticeable delay from the time my mechanical bell rings before the chime goes off and I get a call.  It's not excessively long and see how this is all cloud based it's probably the best you are going to get.  My door bell is front facing and someone coming up the steps will activate it probably 5 or more seconds before they push the button.


I don't really have a problem with the message feature, but I wish when you connect to the doorbell from a call the default is to have your microphone muted.  The person at the door can hear when you connect, I would rather them not hear me unless I am sure I want to talk to them.

Chillout7 Initiate
It is asinine that you can’t turn off “leave a message”. That should only happen if I choose to send it as an option and with a canned response. As mentioned, I don’t want every Tom, D i c k, and Harriet “talking” to my house when they ring the doorbell. I think it also can be inferred by would be burglars that nobody is home when they hear that. I will be returning my Arlo doorbell and chime tomorrow.
timstr Initiate



I have to say that I am not thrilled with the door bell.  I bought the camera system - so far very happy with that.


1) Yes you should be able to disable leave a message (or create a custom message).

2) When it says "Press the doorbell again to leave a message" there is no visual, or audio que to let the person know they should start talking - this is standard message leaving and taking procedures.  This most definitely needs to be improved.

3) I, like others, are getting odd behaviors like the door bell never calls my phone.  I am in a strong coverage area, my doorbell is 10 feet from my base unit as well.


I will give it a couple of days, but I predict a return of the doorbell.  This thing screams of  "Go to market too early so we can make it for Black Friday".   If you guys dont get some updated firmware quickly to solve these issues, you are going to have a ton of returns.


adammiarka Apprentice

Would also like to see a setting to disable the "Leave a message".   Most of our doorbell presses are the UPS guy dropping a package, ringing the bell, and running away.  


If someone does choose to keep "Leave a message" on, there does need to be a signal to the ringer after they push the button to leave a message.  No audio feedback will leave them confused.

lenboss Initiate
Definitely need an option to disable “leave a message”. When I am home and someone rings the doorbell, I rarely “answer” the call - I want to be able to decline and walk over to my door without having the “leave a message” trigger every time.
NThio Initiate
Yes, please give the option to turn off the message feature! I’m considering returning because of this issue alone.
shouldberiding Initiate
Disabling "leave a message" as well as providing the user additional feedback regarding the process are essential. I will likely return this dissapointing product.
mkandyba Initiate

JamesC, any update when this feature will have an option to turn off the message?

Bee4 Initiate

The one reason why I wouldn't buy this doorbell as a lot of folks have reiterated here is not having the option to turn the "leave a message feature" off. This should not be forced on me. Worst part is you can't even customize it, it's just some dude's voice. This is tantamount to having on your answering machine "we're not at home right now, so leave a message"....very stupid. We are in 2018 people, this should be common sense.

bthayer Initiate

I was replacing another wireless doorbell with the Arlo Doorbell and Chime. There is no way I am keeping the Arlo for these reasons:

  • ridiculous "leave-a-message" thing
  • 5 seconds between press and chime ring.

Please remember that this is a doorbell first and foremost, before any integration with Arlo cameras and cloud. If it does not ring immediately when the button is pressed, it is a failure. And if I cannot get to the door in a reasonable amount of time without the doorbell telling everyone I am not home, it is a failure. The fact that I cannot turn it off is silly.


My previous doorbell chime rings instantaneously when the button is pressed. Any explanations of "the cloud" are totally besides the point.

DermotAus Initiate

Like most on this forum I purchased the Door bell & Chime for my Arlo system, I love the cameras. So I expected the usual high quality and functions. But the Message on the door bell that cannot be removed is just awful.

I have blundered with this purchase as I cannot us the "Door Bell" as a normal door bell.


QuintusPre Star
I agree with everyone’s frustration. While the “leave a message” feature is annoying, the doorbell works great in conjunction with the Arlo camera and I have to delay issues.

I add my voice, however, to the crowd that wants (and needs) an option to turn off the leave a message “feature”. It’s annoying to have to answer my phone before the door in order to stop the message from coming on. You don’t always need the camera to know who’s at the door and you don’t always have your phone nearby. Please implement this option!
QuintusPre Star
I meant to write “I have “no” delay issues. (Can’t edit a post?)
Guru jguerdat Guru

You can edit your post by using the menu (3 dots in the upper right corner) of your post. I believe you have 30 minutes to do so.

QuintusPre Star
Thanks for the editing tip!
dmar Initiate
I agree with everyone concerns of the feature to leave voicemail on doorbell.

Very annoying.

Please have an option to disable.

Johnnyseko Initiate
Please give the option to turn off the ‘leave a message’ at the doorbell. Paying the pizza delivery guy and this thing talking is silly. I’d rather the doorbell just say ‘thank you’ acknowledge the bell did ring.
Jamessoubry Initiate
This feature is stupid. If i answer the door in person why would i want it to ask them to leave a message whilst im actually standing at the door talking to them!!!! And besides it doesnt give me enough time to even answer the app!
Jamessoubry Initiate
Disabling is not a feature. Its a minimum viable product! Enabling should have been the feature
alexmcleaniii Aspirant
I have the same problem but my camera is facing directly at approaching visitors. The doorbell only works on the second ring. I’ve watched video of visitors leaving after one button click. No doorbell notification or Arlo Chime (we just bought one). It’s an expensive decoration. Please help!
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