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Chime Review?

Hi, Has anyone got a Arlo chime that could submit an honest review?


I've looked online and i can only find reviews for the Arlo Doorbell , which tbh appears to have been overwhelmingly negative. Unusual from Arlo normally high standard. But no one goes into depth about the chime.


I have 2 Arlo Pro 2 cameras in the front garden which the video quality has been awesome however using the talkback has been far too slow and quiet for the person at the door to hear and/or understand me clearly.

So i'm looking to have a ring bell installed instead (Which after reading a lot of reviews have been both great and awful so i thought i'd try it myself to see if the talkback feature is any good (not too worried about picture quality as the existing Arlos can do the heavy lifting here).


I'd like to have a couple of chimes throughout the house to make it seem that someone is in the house (by using the features native to the chimes to replicate dogs barking etc) when motion triggers the cameras walking up to the door.


Main answers i'm looking for are - 


- Are the chimes very loud?

- Can you set them off remotely?

- Would these work if someone pressed the ring doorbell? (I know its not arlo but the chime does claim to work with your existing doorbell - Didn't know if this was mechanical only or digital.) - Is there a delay between motion detection and chime alerting you?


Thanks in advance for any help

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Re: Chime Review?

The chime is nice and works well with the doorbell.  Response from the doorbell push to chime is a matter of a second or two.

The loudness is fine.  The dog barking and random house sounds are cool, and can be activated by arlo cameras.

I doubt the ring doorbell would interface.

You cannot set off the chime remotely (via mobile app or PC)

The two way talk on the doorbell is better than the cameras, but still lags.  In most circumstances the visitor is long gone before I can attempt to talk to them via the arlo app.

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