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Base station speaker as doorbell chime

Why can’t the speaker of the base station be used as the doorbell chime? Is it just for marketing reasons? Naively, I would believe a simple software update could do the trick - great for Arlo customers (not so great for business that can make extra money selling the chime as a separate accessory!)
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Re: Base station speaker as doorbell chime

I suppose it could happen but not everyone has a Pro base with a speaker.

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Re: Base station speaker as doorbell chime

Could still be made available for bases with a speaker? Don’t know, when the doorbell was anticipated I imagined it working with the base as the chime - just made sense to me.. When I saw there was an additional (and fairly expensive) chime to add, I thought it was a pity not to exploit an existent speaker. I would hope Arlo can consider this feature for a software update in the future (if, as I suspect, a software update is all it takes)..
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Re: Base station speaker as doorbell chime

Perfectly valid proposal to have a "Base Chime" option where a speaker is available on the base station, agree!

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