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Re: Arlo Door Bell - Hourly Motion Detection

I got the same behaviour, after only several hours of ownership. several recordings in the early hours of this morning, all spaced at hourly intervaals. 


Seems this doorbell is particularly unready for market release !

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Re: Arlo Door Bell - Hourly Motion Detection

I recently purchased an Arlo video surveillance system with a motion activated door bell like the ring. This system relies on a separate camera instead of one installed in the doorbell like the ring system. The following is a post I made on the Arlo site for reference.
Having trouble with false alarms on the Arlo door bell.
Sorry to post a me too reply, but me TOO. 2, 3, 4 AM I get alert tones on my phone for motion on the door bell. I reviewed all the videos and I can see the circle light up on the door bell with NOTHING in the vicinity. No animals, bugs, cars or people walking by. So I've been told to turn off motion on the doorbell and just use the camera. So why should I own the doorbell if doesn't work the way it's advertised to ? We all know this is not the cheapest system on the market. I think most of us chose it for dependability and reliability over cost. Please fix the problem or reimburse us so we can purchase a system that is going to work as advertised.

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Re: Arlo Door Bell - Hourly Motion Detection

Can someone from Arlo Support please respond to this and tell if and WHEN this will be resolved?    I’ve had a ticket opened for months and I’ve provided Arlo Level 2 support with documentation on my testing and have not received any updates on how this issue will be resolved.    One of my tests even involved placing the doorbell in a cardboard box on my kitchen floor and I still received false alarms.     

I think we all want an update on this issue.   Can someone please respond?

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Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

I've had a case open since February on this, and have jumped through many, many hoops with Arlo support to show that this is an ongoing problem. I cannot tell at this point if they even agree it is happening.


My question to other users: are there people using the Arlo doorbell with notifications turned on that DO NOT get false notifications? They have replaced my doorbell and it is still happening so I'm suspecting it to be a product flaw of some kind.


As a bonus, I too no longer get phone calls when the doorbell is rung, as others have reported.


So for several hundred dollars for a doorbell that is supposed to notify me when someone approaches and call me when the button is pushed:

 - it notifies me when no one is there

 - it doesn't call me when someone is actually there


I would love to have a chat with the doorbell product manager to hear how this is considered acceptable.



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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

Same for me, hourly (every hour at the same time) doorbell trigger to record on the linked camera. Had this problem before, Arlo made a firmware change, and it went away. Problem is back since yesterday, alas, the linked camera received a firmware upgrade yesterday.
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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

How do I stop the false motion alerts which is now occurring every hour at 33 minutes after the hour? Any advise?
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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

Turn off the motion detection on the doorbell and use a normal camera mode/rule to detect and record.

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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

- Shouldn't have to depend on the camera for motion detection.    I specifically bought the doorbell to do the motion detection instead of the camera.


- I too have had the hourly false alarm issue.   I opened a ticket with Arlo support on the false alarms a few months ago and I have a contact in level 2 that has been handling it.   I asked for status on the ticket yesterday and they're still working on it with no resolution date as of yet.


- I also had the issue where the doorbell would not call my phone.    But .....I fixed it two days ago by upgrading from iOS 12.2 to 12.3.     Once upgrade to iOS 12.3 the doorbell started calling my phone again when button pressed.

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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

Same issue. So many false notifications. Also fales to call when pushed. When it does call person at door can not hear pre recording or us due to sound being way to low. Linked w pro cam and the time it takes to open and connect is more time than people are willing to wait.. opened case and emailed Arlo details after Black Friday purchase still no help after more than 6months
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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

Me too.  False motion Alarms from the Arlo Doorbell about 60 minutes apart for several months.  Camera shows the Doorbell light comes on for a couple seconds about every 60 minutes, creating a false motion alert.   I have rebooted my Arlo Base Station also but this does not correct the problem.   Is there any bug fix or a software patch for this???????????


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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

The doorbell LED ring isn't setting off the camera - it's the doorbell somehow thinking it has detected motion causing the camera to trigger. I've seen the same thing Rather than to use the doorbell to trigger a recording, I just let the camera do the whole process of detecting and recording until this gets resolved.

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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

I’ve had a case opened with Arlo Support for months concerning the false alarms.     I was asked by Support to retest the motion again a few days ago so I did the usual test of setting the doorbell in a cardboard box and received 7 false alarms in an 18 hour time span.   All the false alarms occurred on the same minute past the hour.      So.   The issue still continues.   

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Re: Arlo Doorbell False Notifications (often hourly)

its incredible that they are wasting hundreds of hours of everybodys time perfroming these pointless tests. The issue is re-producable on demand, very easily, so it must also be something they can reproduce on demand, and therefore must be a bug they have been aware of for some time?  Why not acknowlege it as such, and stop their phone support techs doing this stuff every time somebody calls and reports this?  



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Re: Arlo Door Bell - Hourly Motion Detection

Same exact problem. No amount of resetting fixes it for long. Obviously an issue with the doorbell. Arlo???
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Re: Arlo Door Bell - Hourly Motion Detection

I have replaced my doorbell with version 1.3 and it still detects motion hourly as follows:










Arlo has not have a cure and I will turn off motion detection until they do.

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