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Arlo Chime stopped working

I have an Arlo Doorbell and chime connect to my Arlo Ultra (4 camera) kit. All was working fine until recently when the chime stopped working when the doorbell is pressed. I have reset both devices, removed batteries from doorbell, re-sync'd both devices,  reset both devices multiple time but I cannot get the chime to ding-dong when the doorbell is pressed?


NOTE: When the doorbell is pressed the mobile phone is activated and I can receive a call. However, the chime won't ding-dong.  This proves to me that the doorbell is sync'd  (otherwise it wouldn't make a call to my phone).  I can also set it to enable a camera when the doorbell is pressed which works fine.

NOTE2: If I set the doorbell to alert/chime when it detects movement the chime will play a sound. So that proves the chime is sync'd and connected.

Note3:  I havce once or twice in my resyning whitnessed an orange light on the Chime when I first press the doorbell. However, even that doesn't show now? 


Am I doing something dafet or should this just work?  I supsect the Chime has failed in some way?

Thoughts appreciated.

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Re: Arlo Chime stopped working



Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your chime.  Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

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