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if motion detected then start recording and geofencing

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Hello, A recipe worked when motion was detected on back, recording would start on inside (ArloQ). However, when using geofencing mode, it doesnt work. When motion is detected outside and Arloq is in geofencing mode, it doesn't record. Arloq must be in armed mode for it to work. I'd Arloq is in armed, it will record on both cameras when motion is detected. Is is this a bug or is it intended? It would be nice to be in geofencing mode all the time and IFTTT recipes still work with the same functionality as if the cameras are in a different mode. Also, I have an Amazon echo. If I am in geofencing mode and send a trigger via IFTTT to disarm a camera, it will change the status to disarmed but not the actual mode, it stays on geofencing. However, if the mode is armed and I trigger the IFTTT command to disarm, it will change the status and mode. This may be one of the reasons it's not able to record on both cameras when it's in geofencing mode. thanks iosman