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Using Arlo Go to monitor congestion in national parks?

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I work at a national park that would love to use the remote capabilities of the cellular Arlo Go to monitor traffic congestion and post images of current conditions for the public to see in real time, either on Twitter via IFTTT, or better yet, direct to the park website via secure FTP. Static images every 10 minutes or so might be best, as opposed to video ... I'm aware of a couple of IFTTT apps that will tell Arlo to record video clips at prescribed times. And there are a number of IFTTT apps that will post webcam static images to Twitter and Facebook if you can access the feed's direct URL ... Does someone smart want to build me, and the larger NPS, an IFTTT app that will make it possible to use an array of Arlo Go cameras to capture images at regular intervals, and post them publicly in real time on Twitter, or direct to park websites via FTP? Thanks.