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Unable to sync to Google Home Assistatant

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Following the instructions outlined here to a tee. Try as I might, I am unable to connect Google Assistant to my Arlo account.

At step "7. Sign in with your Arlo account.". After signing into my Arlo account, an "Account now linked" webpage appears in simple text for barely a tenth of a second before I am returned to the selection of smart device brands and a message appears briefly (about half a second) at the bottom of my phone screen stating "Couldn't update the setting. Check your connection." see screenshot below.



I have tried renaming all my Arlo Cameras and the Hub to simple one-word labels.

I have also tried deleting my entire Google Home profile and setting it up from scratch. 

I have tried dropping my phone off the wifi network and onto cellular to perform the account sync.

I have reset and reconnected my Chromecast (Gen 1).

Everything is setup fairly stock standard and all on the same network.

The firmware on all devices are 100% up to date.


It's really starting to frustrate me and I'm starting to wonder if the issue is more widespread at the moment?



 This is not an arlo problem this is a Google greed problem