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Unable to arm/disarm through IFTTT?

Is anybody experiencing IFTTT not working with Arlo. I have been unable to arm and disarm my cameras this way over the past 24 hours

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Unable to arm/disarm through IFTTT?

I’m having a problem connecting IFTTT to Arlo today as well

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Re: Unable to arm/disarm through IFTTT?


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Arm/disarm Arlo Q plus via ifttt

Hi, I'm trying to use the ifttt-service to arm/disarm different arlo cameras/basestations. When setting up an applet I can select both my basestation as well as my arlo q plus-camera in the dropdown. The applet arming the basestation works fine but the Arlo Q Plus just won't be armed (or disarmed). Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone know of any solution?
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IFTTT Arm/Disarm Button widget not working

I installed these applets created by chromeuser1:  Arlo Arm Button Widget and Arlo Disarm Button Widget.


When I use these widgets, there is the following error message, which says, in part:


Action failure message

Validation failed for argument at index 0 in method public org.springframework.http.ResponsEntity<com.netgear.hms.ifttt.core.IftttResource>com.netgear.hms.ifttt.api.controller.DisarmActionController.setUpArmedMode...


[and it goes on and on]

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