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Tested Arlo again on TV via Alexa

In the past had tried Alexa to display Arlo on tv... it had some problems.


Happy to say, yesterday set it up again.  ( Samsung Smart TV, Gen2 firestick, android S7 phone )

Installed app on phone, had it discover other devices, gave it premission to Arlo....( follow alexa directions )


Happy to say in about 5 mins+ hade several of my camera streaiming on the 46" tv.


Only issue I encounterd was the cameras should be named differently... I have many cameras just labeled by cam1, cam2, etc and this was confusing to Alexa.( seems the mutli similar names didn't work )  The certain cameras that have location names had no issues at all.


From request to actual live stream of camera was about 5-10 sec total depending on cameras.


Morse is faster than texting!
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