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System Logging with IFTTT

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The system logging for Arlo has always been on the sparse side and doesn't really provide any type of audit trail for system changes or recordings.  While this may work in a one person admin setting, it definitely doesn't provide enough information in a multi-admin environment.  I think of it like a sys admin having to share a server root password; You can be sure they are logging everything done on it and reviewing those logs.


Is it possible to set up something similar for Arlo using IFTTT?  I see there is an applet to log arm / disarm times to a spreadsheet which is a great start.  What other activities can be logged?  Specific things I'd like to be able to do: Log when a camera is turned on or turned off and who did it, Track when a video is deleted and by whom, or any system configuration changes like motion detection sensitivity.


I'm guessing there are not specific hooks for these events, but perhaps it could be achieved by constantly polling the system status at an interval.  The problem with this of course would be missing events between intervals, or get blocked for flood requests if the interval is too small.


Any suggestions? (besides limit the admins of the system)

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