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Stringify integration with Arlo Pro is way too limited. Can't change Arlo modes.

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As a background.  I recently heavily researched the purchase of a new security camera system for my home.   When I learned that Arlo Pro 2 does not work with the Wink Hub 2, I nearly abandon all plans to buy Arlo.  But, when I learned about the integration with Stringify, I reconsidered and bought a 4 camera Arlo Pro 2 system.  On day one I was very impressed.  It's now day 4 and I can tell you that the Arlo/Stringify Integration is completely lame.


Since I have a 4 camera system, I almost have to create custom modes, because simply Armed and Disarmed just won't cut it.  So, I created all of these custom modes.

1) Completely Away.  All cameras armed and indoor camera fires the siren.

2) Away, dog at home.  Exterior cameras armed, indoor camera disarmed.

3) Home Daytime. Everything disarmed.

4) Home Evening awake. Front and side camera armed. Patio and interior camera disarmed.

5) Home asleep. Front, side and patio camera armed with siren.  Interior camera disarmed.


So, I can do this with Arlo, but the only way to control it is with the Arlo (lame) app. No one, including me, is going to do that several times a day.  That's why I have home automation in the first place!!! I want to be able to control these modes, based on time of day, or stringify android buttons, or Alexa, or wall switches, or my wink wall keypad.  All of which Stringify is very capable of doing if the Arlo software did NOT SUCK!


The Arlo base station show up as a Stringify Thing, but I can't be added to a flow.  The only thing I can add to a flow is a camera that can then tell the base station to either arm or disarm.  That's it. (sigh)

Am I missing something, or are all the programming engineers at Netgear completely contented with software that is so lame?


BTW, there is another thread that asked to control the siren (a base station function, not a camera function) from Stringify.  Apparently, that request is being ignored as well