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Smartthings arlo integration - Help please

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HI I have 2 x pro3 cameras and 2 x essential XL cameras and I have been able to successfully see all of them inside the smart things app.


I am using smartthings to connect to all the cameras at once, on a fixed schedule and take a brief recording, so that I know the system is constantly up, rather than me manually going in and checking each camera, several times a day. And that works, there is a recording, per camera, in my arlo library, that matches the smartthings automation time trigger.


My request for help relates to how the recording process works: When I set up the same automation using IFTTT, it did 3 things:

1 made a recording in the arlo library

2 put the name IFTTT next to the recording rather than motion, people, animal etc which was helpful

3 triggerred the arlo notification badge so that I knew it had worked.


the smart things recording only :

1. makes a recording in the arlo library

2. Its not marked as Smartthings or ST

3. the arlo notification badge is not triggered.


Is this something I need to set up / adjust settings somewhere? Would 2 and 3 above work if it was one automation per camera not 4 cameras at once? 


If not - is it possible to have this reviewed and modified in the next release. Obviously, if IFTTT's code can do it then presumably Smartthings could trigger the same behaviours. 


thanks for the help, Sam


PS. stopped using IFTTT even though it did give me the 3 results because you can only have 3 free applets and it was one camera per applet. So going back to IFTTT is not my preferable option.