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Pair My Cameras With Amazon Echo

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Stevoo Follower

I have an VMB4000 base station. Is it compatible with my Amazon Echo Pro?

Master steve_t Master

Do you mean an Amazon Echo Show?

bigdawg5289 Aspirant

I would like to know if this model number (VMB4000) is compatible with the Amazon Echo Spot.


If it is not, would I be able to simply replace the bridge to make it compatible or does it require new cameras?

Master steve_t Master

Yes, you should be able to say "Alexa, show me the front door" and see a live stream

bigdawg5289 Aspirant

I was never able to get it to work on my device, and I figured it was because of the skill compatibility (as seen on


It states the following:


*Currently the Arlo Skill is supported on the following devices:
Arlo Wire-free (Model VMC3030, VMS3x30)
Arlo Q & Q Plus (Model VMC3040, VMC3040S)
Arlo Pro (Model VMC4030, VMS4x30)
Arlo Pro 2 (Model VMC4030p, VMS4x30p)
Arlo Go (Model VML4030)
Arlo Baby (Model ABC1000)
Arlo Security Light (Model ALS110x)


I have the Arlo Pro VMB4000

bigdawg5289 Aspirant

Nevermind, I was mistaken... the cameras have a different model number than the bridge... they are VMC4030 so it should be compatible. For some reason I cannot get the cameras to appear in the Amazon Alexa application.

bigdawg5289 Aspirant


I am attempting to view cameras through the Amazon Echo Spot and having issues. I have included model numbers and software/firmware versions at the bottom. Here are the steps I completed:


  • Arlo cameras were configured months ago
  • Echo Spot was registered to my mother's Amazon account, so on her iPhone I logged into the Amazon Alexa application, enabled Arlo skill, and attempted to discover the devices
  • Devices wouldn't appear, so I reset the bridge and removed all of the cameras from the Arlo application.
  • I synced one camera, renamed it, and set it up similar to how I had it previously
  • I attempted to discover the new camera in the app on the iPhone but it did not appear
  • Using another phone (my Android) with a different Amazon account (my personal) and following the same steps, I was able to successfully discover the camera
  • On the Android phone, I used a different account to set up the Arlo cameras in the Arlo application.
  • I unregistered the Echo Spot (originally under my mom's account) and registered it to the account that was capable of discovering the cameras (my account)
  • Now the Echo Spot is registered to my account, the Arlo application logged into my account is set up and linked to the Amazon Alexa application under my account.
  • Now that all 3 cameras appear in the devices list, I have told the Echo Spot to "show me [insert camera name]"... the response from the Echo Spot was "[insert camera name] isn't responding. Please check its network connection and power supply."


Is there anything I need to do different in order to get this to work? I had the camera right next to the router and bridge and still received the same error. Any assistance would be appreciated. 


Thank you in advance!


Arlo Pro

Bridge: VMB4000

Cameras: VMC4030

Application Version: 2.7.0_23403

Camera Firmware:

Camera Hardware: H8

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
bigdawg5289 Aspirant

I would like to get this working on my mother's account (iPhone) instead of mine.

bigdawg5289 Aspirant

I solved the problem.... needed to link the account I set up the Arlo cameras on with the Alexa Skill, rather than the account that was "granted access". Thank you to the representative in the chat that gave me the idea!