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Hello everyone,


Seeing as we live in an apartment, and to avoid someone stealing our arlo, we have our camera behind a glass door. We have a wireless taf motion sensor outside. IFTTT is set up so that when the motion sensor detects motion, the arlo records for 60 seconds (since it is behind glass, I cannot use the Arlo motion sensor). This has been working great for almost a year. 


As of 8/30/2019, my Arlo is not working with IFTTT. I have rewritten the applet through IFTTT and even deleted my account and started fresh with no luck. When motion is detected, I receive a notification from the motion detector as well as IFTTT saying motion has been detected, and IFTTT states that arlo should be recording. However there is nothing on the arlo. 


The arlo and IFTTT apps are updated on my phone. I have tried disconnecting, reconnecting, and resyncing just about everything. 


Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone come up with a solution? Has anything changes? 

Wow!! What?!? I started this journey early last year and gave up after a few months. Really good to hear it’s working again for you and those who have been trying to get some type of support.

How sneaky that they just fixed it and don’t say anything. Really goes to show what type of company they must be. But anyways, glad to hear it’s resolved!

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what the what ... I will need to check, although I used a different solution to solve problems (not activate recording unfortunately). 


Like other posters, customer service, although responsive, insisted that this was not an issue 😞