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Re: IFTTT Arlo recording not working anymore

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ReginaldBull Follower

I have the Arlo system with 9 cameras (Arlo & Arlo Q mix) and had been using IFTTT applets successfully several month now up until approx 2 weeks ago (when I switched to a paid "Arlo Smart Premier" abo). 


What is still working:

If Webhook "arm_arlo" / "disarm_arlo" then arm / disarm Arlo


What is not working anymore:

If Webhook "front_door_opened" then ArloQ "Front Door" starts recording (60s)

-> In this case you see that the Webhook was received, but the Arlo action failed with the message "There was a problem with the Arlo service"


The above tells me that the Arlo service is talking to IFTTT but for some unknown reason the applets that trigger some recording just stopped working after several months of working fine.


I have disconnected the Arlo service and reconnected on IFTTT, deleted the affected Arlo receipes/applets and started again.  Event log in IFTTT lists failed events stating 'problem with the arlo service'


Any advice or known issue with the backend service?


I have a support case open with Arlo but would like to know if its just me or others are having this issue too.

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I experienced same issue(not recieving email alerts on computer or tablet). I dont dare try to resolve the problem with tec support for fear of looseing my mind. please let me know if and how you correct your problem.

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Stephs_net Apprentice

I have the arlo pro 2 cameras and the IFTTT applets to record each hour are not working since the last iOS upgrade to 2.6.3.

IFTTT activity reports that there is a problem with the Arlo Service.  I have restarted the base stations and signed in and out of the apps - many times but I can't get the applets to work.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  thank you!

Stephs_net Apprentice

I re-set my entire Arlo Pro system 5+ cameras.  I have Arlo Smart and still the IFTTT hourly record applet fails with the message that there is a problem with the Arlo Service. 


A big factor I decided the Arlo system would work for me was the availability of hourly recording based on the IFTTT app. 


These are not toys - When a service is down, customers should be notified.  And the service should be fixed quickly. 



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Stephs_net Apprentice

Hi, I wanted to report that my applet to send me a text message if a camera detects motion does work, but the hourly recording applets still do not work.  Any IFTTT applet involving triggering the camera to record does not work.


I have submitted a service request to IFTTT but have not heard back from them.

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Eflex Aspirant
Our cameras also stopped working with IFTTT since upgrading subscription. My recipe told cameras to record for 30 seconds when motion was detected by ring doorbell. Please let me know if you find a fix.
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BLTRA Aspirant
Our recordings (and also geofencing) has stopped working since we upgraded our subscription as well.

Can we please get an answer? At the moment Arlo is completely unreliable and will only work if we keep the app open on the foreground. At the moment only our Ring is working correctly.
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webdude12 Star

IFTTT / Arlo integration has been broken since Nov 21 (22nd) and support will do nothing to help you out.  If you read the other threads in this forum, you will see you are not the only one with this issue. 


There are several of us that have opened support tickets only to contact support to be told someone will call us back and that never happens.  


The only thing I know to do now, is flood every post about IFTTT integration hoping to get the attention of someone that can help get this resolved. 

JoeDeAngelis Aspirant

Same here.

Have Arlo Premium/smart.

I tried to set up an IFTTT applet to trigger when motion was detected but I just can't get it to work. - IFTTT applet says never been triggered even.



Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera