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How to Decrease Arlo Video Doorbell Response Time & HomeKit

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I have had the Arlo Video Doorbell and the Arlo Audio Doorbell before that and have been very happy with the Video Doorbell and its functionality.  The one thing that has been cumbersome is the delay time if I wish to speak to the person at the door (especially useful when we are not home and I want to direct someone to place a package in our garage which I can open remotely via HomeKit).


The one drawback has always been that answering a call on the iPhone from the Arlo Video Doorbell is slow and oftentimes not quick enough to allow me to respond before the individual drops off the package and leaves.


I stumbled upon a HomeKit widget app called “Home Widget” which you can find in the App Store.  It recently received an update to include access to cameras.  This was intriguing and so I downloaded the free version and set up a few widgets to try it out.  OMG!  If you set up the widget to launch the Arlo Video Doorbell through the Home Widget app in bi-directional audio mode, the response time is incredibly fast!  This is not placebo effect.  I have had these units for a long time.  NEVER have I been able to access the Arlo Video Doorbell as quickly than I have with this widget.  I cannot explain it but there it is.  It is faster to launch the widget than even answering the doorbell call directly through the iPhone or Arlo app.  As I said, I cannot explain how this widget manages to speed up the response time but it does.


Thought I would share this gem of a find.


Here is a link to the App Store page: