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How To Record All Cameras With Smart Things

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I have 2 pro and 3 original wireless cameras.  I also use SmartThings with WebCore scripts/pistons.   I created a script to trigger record on each of my 5 cameras for occasional use via IFTTT.  I also have a SmartThings routine which will trigger this RecordAllCameras script as well.


When I execute the script, usually only 2 of the 5 camara recordings show up in my Arlo Library.  Ran it again and only 1 recording shows up. For the missing recordings, IFTTT says the applets were executed, no errors.


I tried increasing a delay between each call. Also tried recording each camera individually and that works.  Only seems to fail when trying to record multiple cameras in succesion from IFTTT.   Is this a known limitation?


Is there any other way to do this?



Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station


I have been successful in accomplishing this in a different manner then what you are doing. Firstly, IFTTT is too slow. Secondly, depending on your internet speed, the length of recording times, etc., results might vary. Thirdly, if you are using the Smartthings Mode in Arlo, it has been buggy for some time. I deleted my Smartthings Mode entirely.

What I do is to leave the Arlo in the Armed Mode all the time, (although this also works with the schedule and/or Custom Modes), and use Routines and Custom Rules in Smartthings to control the cameras.  What the Routines in Smartthings are doing is simply turning the on/off slider switches in Arlo for the cameras selected by that routine. If the Arlo Mode is Armed and a Smartthings routine turns the camera on, it will automatically record when motion is detected. As for cross triggering more than one camera at a time to record you can either do that by setting up custom rules in Smartthings, or you can do the cross triggering in the Arlo Rules. The advantage of doing it in Smartthings, is that you have a lot more control over when you want certain cameras on or off in syncronization with Smartthings and you will be sure that the cameras you wish to trigger are indeed turned on. I have various Routines to turn selected cameras on/off depending on the circumstances I need at the time. 

I have found that the cameras do not record at the same time, but in sequence, so if you have your cameras set to record for, say, two minutes each, you will have to wait for ten minutes to have all the cameras finish recording and some of them might time out.

Anyway, I hope you find my fix acceptable and not have to rely on IFTTT and Webcore, (which might go away when we all have to go to the new app).