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Geo Fencing, IFTT, and SmartThings

So I know this has probably been said 1,000 times before me but I just wanted to add another to the books in chances we might see this become implemented in these amazing cameras. Arlo needs to add the Geo Fencing location feature for auto arm and disarm similar to how the canary works. Because I'm a retail employee my hours constantly change so there is no way I can consistently use the scheduling feature. The ability to have Arlo arm itself whenever I leave for work, and disarm when I arrive home would make this unit 10x more useful.

Along with the geo fencing I would like the ability to use IFTT to create recipes that if motion is detected my Philip Hue lights pulse red. I can currently do this with an email notification but it is very unreliable in its current state. Last but not least I would like Arlo to team up with SmartThings so we can use the Arlo within that eco system.


I have no idea what Netgear is working on behind the scenes with Arlo, but a roadmap or some type communication would be ideal with its consumers. As a employee of Best Buy selling Arlo is an easy thing to do, but coming up with a complete home solution without this integration can be off putting to customers.

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