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Every time SmartThings runs an automated routine, it would change Arlo mode to disarmed.

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I was trying to have SmartThings control Arlo. Every time SmartThings would run an automated routine it would change the Arlo mode form SmartThings to disarmed. I went back to geofencing.

I also have IFTTT routines that will arm cameras for night but not return to geofencing mode.

How can I either use SmartThings without changing to disarmed or run an IFTTT applet and return to geofencing when the cameras shut in the morning?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi BarelAholTzvi,


I would suggest to contact the Support Team to further investigate this issue. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.


I have a trick that works for me.


First, I open the Arlo app and set the Arlo Base Station to the mode I want. I have mine in Geofencing mode.


Second, once the Arlo app is set to the mode I want, I then power cycle the Arlo Base Station. I have my Arlo Base Station connected to a SmartThings SmartPower outlet so I can toggle it off in SmartThings. I then have a SmartThings Automation that runs when this SmartPower outlet is turned off to turn the SmartPower outlet back on automatically after waiting 10 seconds.


When I do this, my Arlo Base Station stays in the armed mode I've selected while I use various SmartThings Automations and SmartApps to turn on and off the cameras.