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First, I do not know if this is an Amazon or Arlo issue, or maybe both.
I bought an Echo Show for may reasons, but the primary one was that I could get Alexa to “show” my Arlo cameras. After three days of trying most everything I am totally frustrated. I have disabled and enabled the Alexa/Arlo Skill at least 20 times. I have deleted and reinstalled my Arlo cameras and lights. I have rebooted my Show.
Here is where I stand: I enable the Skill and it says, “Arlo is sucessfully linked (to Alexa)” The cameras and lights show up in my Alexa App in Devices. When I try to discover the devices in the Alexa App, it says: “no new devices found”. When I ask the Echo Show to discover, Alexa tells me there is a problem and I should (for the 21st time) disable and then enable the Skill.
I don’t know if this is important, but when in Devices in the Alexa App, the Arlo cameras and lights do not say “Online” like my other Echos. Not sure what “online” means here as my cameras and lights are all enabled.
Can anyone help me. Thank you.

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Hi Robert1946,


When you mention that it doesn't say "Online," are you able to see your Arlo devices online through the Arlo app? Could you also provide a screenshot where it doesn't say "Online" on the Alexa app?