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Cameras wont sync - BT Smart Hub 2

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Just gone from a perfectly functioning Arlo base station with 4 original cameras hooked up to a BT Home Hub which was an incredibly smooth setup when first installing to a complete disaster now I have upgraded to a BT Smart Hub 2.


I've tried everything from turning on Port Forwarding for ports 80 and 443, turning off smart/auto setup option on router.  Turned off Firewall completely (just to test!!) Along with rebooting everything a million times inbetween!


I just can't get the cameras to be identified by the hub/app.  All lights on the hub are reassuringly green. Lots of flashing green when I click on the app to search for cameras.. All seems to be going well. But it never finds one bloody camera.....!!!!


I'm going insane.  Any help/pointers/spells/wizardry/alchemy would be much appreciated and may just stop me turning down a dark and frustrated path towards alcoholism....

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There should be no need to mess around with Port Forwarding or anything else. It is a simple case of plugging into the router's LAN port.


I assume that the LAN from your BT Smart Hub 2 is working.


When changing the modem/router in front of something like the Arlo hub, you need to get the hub to forget its misspent past with a different modem/router.


So start by performing a factory reset on the Arlo base station. There is a section in the User Manual Reset the Arlo Base Station to Factory Settings.


Then set the system up from scratch.


By the way, our subject could be misleading. The cameras are not supposed to sync with the BT Smart Hub 2.


I'm afraid I am not familiar with the BT Smart Hub 2. I would not trust any equipment that BT wished upon the world. So advice on that is best got from the BT forum. I haven't had to use it in a while, but it has some pretty knowledgeable people there. Some of them might even have Arlo experience.

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Farmsie Aspirant

Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. I will check and reset the base station and try to setup from scratch.


to be fair the smarthub 2 was a plug and play from the start. All other devices, including e Ethernet over power devices, WeMo plugs and phones, lap tops, sky boxes, ps4 eff worked first time, but I will keep an eye on it so thanks for heads up on the B T thing.