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Arlo does not respond to IFTTT when in "Schedule" mode

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(Base station is actually VMB3010r2, but the forum doesn't recognize that.)


It seems that recently, Arlo does not respond to IFTTT commands if it is in "Schedule" mode. 


Here's my use case:


  • I have cameras monitoring the front and rear of my house.
  • I use the "Schedule" mode to activate custom modes that lower the sensitivity of the motion detection on the cameras at specific times of the day:
    • I reduce the motion sensitivity on the camera facing the street during time periods when traffic on the street is high, which causes a ton of trigger events, which wears down the batteries, and adds a lot of recordings of nothing.
    • I also reduce the sensitivity of the camera facing the rear of the house at certain times of the day when shadow from trees or power lines are cast across the camera, because the slightest breeze will trigger motion detection events.
  • I keep the system on this schedule daily.
  • In the past, I have used IFTTT to temporarily disarm Arlo if we are working in the yard, for example. I also used Workflow to create a disarmed "window" where it would automatically return Arlo to its Schedule mode after a timer had run. (I have not been able to get Shortcuts to work the same way using IFTTT's web hooks functionality.)

Now that summer is here and we're back to working in the yard regularly, I am using IFTTT to temporarily disable the system. But i noticed on the weekend that triggering my "Disarm Arlo" recipe did nothing.


After doing some testing today, I discovered that Arlo no longer responds to Disarm and Arm commands from IFTTT if it is in "Scheduled" mode. It responds just fine if it's in "Armed" or "Disarmed" mode. 


Am I now totally out of luck if i want to use IFTTT to override Schedule mode? I wouldn't even have to use IFTTT if Netgear would actually make an iOS widget that would give me access to basic Arlo mode switching. All I need is quick access to Arm, Disarm, and Schedule modes. 

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support