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Arlo base and Google home ifttt alert

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Snn5 Apprentice
Just wondering if anyone has figured out a way to use IFTTT Arlo And The Google home mini to set up a recipe so that when an Arlo Pro camera senses motion it can have the Google home mini sound an alert kind of like a doorbell.
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JoeCymru Virtuoso

In my experience, no. I have never found Google Assistant (Home) in any "that" service category.  I believe that Google Home and Assistant are strictly triggers from direct input for other device action ... so far in IFTTT. For fun, I made a little applet that would toggle one of my TP Link Kasa lights when motion was detected on my front camera. My idea was that if I was sitting in the family room and I saw the light toggle off and on (or on and off depending on what it was doing at the time), I would say,"Hey Google, show me Exterior 1 camera on Big TV." It was cool. 

Except my wife did not think "cool" with lights suddenly cycling and my interrupting TV to see big-screen random dogs and wasps. I turned it off (but still have it).