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Arlo Q split screen app on Vizio tv with Amazon Fire Stick ?!

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I own a dance studio and we just moved into a bigger building and now we have two dance rooms with classes going at the same time. I have two Arlo Q cameras, one in each room, that I'd like to stream to a smartTV in the lobby so the parents can watch class without having to be tempted to wander to the rooms and attempt to stand in the doorways. I've been struggling the past 3-4 days getting the Amazon fire stick loaded, getting the TV Alexa enabled, etc, and have made some progress! I can get Alexa to show one camera at a time on the tv no problem. HOWEVER.... I'd really prefer to have an app or a way to show BOTH camera feeds on the tv at once. One thread I read in here suggested using SmartThings. I did that but apparently that app doesn't work with Vizio tvs. Which, of course, is what we have. Does anyone know of any other apps I can try or ways I can get both cameras on the tv at once either by going through the tv itself and its apps or through the fire stick?? Thank you!!!!!

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio