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Arlo Pro 2 Re-Connection to Smartthings Hub

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Is there a simple way to re-activate Arlo Pro 2 Cameras, and the base station, when they were set up successfully, but no longer show as "available" in Smartthings after a period of time?    It happens consistently and the go to process, to remove and re-activate ,is very time consuming.


I have 4 Arlo Pro 2 cameras, attached to Smartthings hubs at two locations, home and the office I run.     Given burglers in the area recently, I've decided to ensure that the cameras work with Smartthings, as this has been a nagging problem for the past 2 years.     After setting up the cameras and base station correctly and everything is working fine in the Smartthings App, but the cameras don't show as available in Smartthings sooner or later.   They seem to function in some regards, but as part of an alarm system, it is hard to know with certainty that they do work when they don't show as available.     


I can remove the cameras and re-add them.    But that is a long confusing process, to remove it from every routine, and re-add them.  Also the work base station and cameras seemed to get added to my home system during this process, and they also need to be removed.    


So it would be great if there were troubleshooting tips to show the cameras as "available" in Smartthings, without the standard "remove and re-add" to Smartthings routine, which is time consuming for a complex system with many routines.


Many thanks.