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By reading all the similar issues with the Door Bell integration to Alexa and creating the Routine on Doorbell press where the Camera not working, I have finaly fixed it... kind of... it's more like Workaround.
My issue was: When I say "Alexa, Show me the door bell" - all works.
When I setup Routine on Alexa on Motion detect with the Custom action "Show me the doorbell" - all works.
When I setup Routine on Alexa on Doorbell press with Custom action "Show me the doorbell" - NOT WORKNG with Alexa reply "Hmmm... Doorbell not responding" 

So, diging all those forums here I finaly found the workaround that makes the Doorbell press routine work. 
On Arlo app, on Device setting you need to TURN ON Silent Mode... Then Alexa will show the Dorbell Cam on press.
For some reason, when you have Silent mode off and you are getting "phone call" to mobile when Doorbell pressed, Alexa failing to connect to Camera - can't do both at the same time. I'm not sure if this meant to be this way or it's just a bug?
But, let's say you are not at the Alexa Deivce, and someone rings the Doorbell... you can't hear it, phone not ringing... Well, ofcause, if you have Alexa devices all around your home, then not a problem... but if only one device you have in the Kitchen, but you are having chill at the backyard? 
So, Arlo Support, can you please clarify this?

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I had same problem, shows doorbell on Echo show when I ask Alexa, shows doorbell with motion routine, failed to show front door with doorbell routine. This works great, I have 12 echo devices so get announcements everywhere. I phoned tech support but they had no idea. Would be nice to still get the call on the phone when out though.

Many thanks


Thank you for this solution. I had the same problem and initially contacted Arlo support. I spent a very long time on the Amazon chat before coming across your post. This worked for me in turning silent mode on, turning Incoming Call off and leaving my chimes on.