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Apple TV - Arlo App

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Jjvance1995 Aspirant
Please update the Arlo App on the Apple TV!!!
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JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey @Jjvance1995,


Could you elaborate what problems you are experiencing with your Apple TV?

Jjvance1995 Aspirant
It doesn’t work half the time. Plus it looks like it hasn’t had an update for a long time now.
AncientGeek Hero

I just looked at the Arlo app on my AppleTV and it was a lot better than I remembered it being.  But it isn’t on par with the mobile app or web interface in terms of functionality. It seems like most of the Settings functionality is missing from the app.  Perhaps that is by design...expecting those functions to be performed on a computer or mobile device.  I was able to see a decent Devices screen and use Live View...but there is no way to manually trigger a snapshot or recording.  I can’t get directly to Settings from the devices screen, I have to go to the top menu and as I said above, even then most functionality for Settings is missing.  I can see the Library, but there is no apparent way to filter Library recordings.  I like the use of the Play/Pause button on the Apple remote for those functions on the Arlo App.  Intuitive.


I discovered one odd bug while scrolling down my Devices screen.  My first camera showed up first, but also showed up in the 22nd spot on the Devices screen.  I played a live view there and went back to the top to do that again.  Then next time I scrolled down, the repeated camera was no longer in 22nd position.  It was only in the first position where it should have been.


The Apple TV I tested is a “4” Running tvOS 12.1