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change push notification sound iOS

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Why isn’t there an option to change the sound notification on iOS? When my phone dings at night, I can’t tell the difference between someone sending me a Facebook friend request or sneaking up to my back door at night to kill mu wife and I and that seems like a pretty important distinction to have.

This feature is available on Android and seems like a simple addition. What the heck?

I can’t do anything within my iOS setting because I cannot change notification sounds on the App level like Android OS can , and if I want to turn on ‘do not disturb’ at night so I only get Arlo notifications, I can’t do that either because I cannot put ‘do not disturb’ app overrides like you can on Android OS. It seems like Apple and ironically Arlo are screwing us on home security. Arlo said this feature was coming out ‘soon’ in February 2017... how long does it take ?

IOS users there is a solution to better notifications -  There is a free way to get receive a phone call when arlo is trigerred. This uses the IFTTT app ('if this then that' automation app) - took me 5 minutes to set up and it works great.


- download IFTTT app from appstore and register

- open app

- select 'create' - this will start the creation of the applet (automation process)

- next to 'if this', select 'add'

-in search bar type arlo and select

-select your trigger

-select ' create' trigger'

- next to 'then that' select 'add'

- in search bar type 'voip' and select 'Voip calls'

-select 'call my device'

- select 'create action'


that's it ! make sure your arlo is armed for this to work

you need to create a separate applet for each device that is armed


I noticed that the phone rings only when the screen is off/locked mode. Otherwise I just get a notification banner