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Re: change push notification sound iOS

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IOS users there is a solution to better notifications -  There is a free way to get receive a phone call when arlo is trigerred. This uses the IFTTT app ('if this then that' automation app) - took me 5 minutes to set up and it works great.


- download IFTTT app from appstore and register

- open app

- select 'create' - this will start the creation of the applet (automation process)

- next to 'if this', select 'add'

-in search bar type arlo and select

-select your trigger

-select ' create' trigger'

- next to 'then that' select 'add'

- in search bar type 'voip' and select 'Voip calls'

-select 'call my device'

- select 'create action'


that's it ! make sure your arlo is armed for this to work

you need to create a separate applet for each device that is armed


I noticed that the phone rings only when the screen is off/locked mode. Otherwise I just get a notification banner

Model: VMB4500 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station