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change push notification sound iOS

Why isn’t there an option to change the sound notification on iOS? When my phone dings at night, I can’t tell the difference between someone sending me a Facebook friend request or sneaking up to my back door at night to kill mu wife and I and that seems like a pretty important distinction to have.

This feature is available on Android and seems like a simple addition. What the heck?

I can’t do anything within my iOS setting because I cannot change notification sounds on the App level like Android OS can , and if I want to turn on ‘do not disturb’ at night so I only get Arlo notifications, I can’t do that either because I cannot put ‘do not disturb’ app overrides like you can on Android OS. It seems like Apple and ironically Arlo are screwing us on home security. Arlo said this feature was coming out ‘soon’ in February 2017... how long does it take ?
Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: change push notification sound iOS

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Beter manage alarm notification alerts and responses in iOS - PRO 2

USER- Use case 1  (family with wives and children – sound familiar ?)


After, for the 2nd time beautifully capturing someone breaking into equipment in the driveway -  who was further totally indifferent to the ARLO LIGHT and linked LIFX lights turning on - Just pulled his hoodie up a little higher.

and as I cannot enable the  ARLO base station alarm due to the # of false alarms at night and  the fact that I have infants, that I do not want to be disturbed / traumatised by every false alarm - and a wife who is most understandably most unappreciative of such alarms.


I absolutely need to be able to manage the IOS Alert settings - so when I’m sleeping, my iPhone which is always in my  Immediate proximity can robustly alert , just me !  - without disturbing the whole goddamed household and neighbours  . 

Otherwise my $800 investment - or so I thought,  is utterly useless to protect my family and assets - as I cannot effectively as use it in a well-managed manner as a deterrent.


Further :- As its  4am in the morning (think deep sleep REM) - or it was the last 2 times - having a live sound and Image of the camera in question directly displayed in the unlock / notification centre - will allow a rapid assessment of the situation  and then the response - i.e.  linked to the camera speaker - and have the base station alarm button accessible (but not inadvertently triggerable by someone just woken from a deep slumber) 


              :- As I travel extensively for work -  my wife needs to take over this role, in my absence - Indeed this was my # 1 main NEED  when purchasing the system  was for it to act as a deterrent for when I'm away - without unnecessarily disturbing  the family or neighbourhood with false alerts (this is actually counterproductive - and desensitizes peoples response and leads to neighbourhood disputes ) - i did not purchase the system to record endless video of someone ripping me off blind .


Therefore - when I’m away and my Wife and children are alone and - someone or something  is setting off cameras at 4 AM - time is of the essence to have an, appropriate,  proportional  and effective  response.

     I.e. :- To allow the user to become rapidly fully situationally aware of the alert (Live video - in the lock / notification  screen)

               To immediately put at their disposal - if needed -the most effective and appropriate deterrent ( Talk / base alarm / police / alert friends) 


Requirements (to make it easy for you)


Ability to Provide and manage


      On an individual personal IOS device

      An alert for an individual camera ( Visual and/or sound detection)

                     Within user determinable times 

                    The required alert duration and intensity ( Sound selected / volume / duration/ Vibration / screen flash  


      Providing immediate situational awareness (in notification centre / lock screen)

       Allow the user to immediately trigger an appropriate response  ( Talk / base alarm / police / alert friends) – or just curse that kangaroo and go back to sleep.

Model: VMB4500 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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