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Low Battery Email Norifications?


I an the property manager for an apartment complex, and I have been using an Arlo Netgear camera system (1 base station ; 8 cameras) for security / rule enforcement around the property for several months, perhaps a year. Up until recently, I have received email alerts in my company email account which would tell me when one of the cameras had low battery power. This would enable me to replace the batteries and ensure constant video coverage of all areas of the property.


Unfortunately, I believe that this low battery norification system has been removed (without my knowledge), and as a result, several of the cameras have not been recording for several days. I noticed today that they were out of commission when I went to check the library for footage of someone illegally dumping several televisions and a mattress in one of our parking lots, only to find that the camera's battery had run down two or three days prior. 


I am a busy man, I cannot be constantly logging in to check the condition of camera batteries when I have countless other property management issues to contend with. I combed through the user interface for some time in an effort to locate an option to turn the low battery notifications back on, but could not seem to find such an option. If the low battery email notifications have been completely removed from this product, I would emphatically suggest that they be reinstated. 


If they are still available and I am simply not able to locate the option to turn them on, please advise me as to how to re-enable them. Thank you for your consideration. 


-J. Benson

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Re: Low Battery Email Norifications?

I've been receiving them with no issues. There's nothing you can do to enable or disable them. If it matters, I'm using rechargeable batteries - maybe there's a difference in how voltages are detected somehow?

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Re: Low Battery Email Norifications?



Are you receiving other e-mail from Arlo, such as motion detection alerts? It could be that e-mail from Arlo is being blocked by your e-mail provider.



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Re: Low Battery Email Norifications?

I don't receive low battery alerts either. Also, since latest SW updraft, the battery level indicated go from full to yellow without any levels in between.
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Re: Low Battery Email Norifications?



Is the low battery email alert the only email you don't receive? Do you receive motion detection email alerts?



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