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Arlo won’t sync

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Hi, this is not really a question it’s more of a statement because I’m sure other people have been searching for the real answer to this question and the most popular threads are dead so it can’t be added to the comments thanks a lot netgear.

If the arlo camera won’t sync after you have followed all the instructions try this.

1. Power off your base station
2. Remove the micro usb plug covering the port that is located under the battery cover.
3. Connect the camera to the base station using a micro usb cord.
4. Power on the base station
5. Let it sit, if you had previously connected the camera you should get a motion alert when it is ready.

I’m not sure exactly what it is doing as there is no documentation thanks again netgear, my best guess is that it reflashes the firmware on the camera as I used this method to connect a camera that would not sync, and I also used this method to correct malfunctioning night vision on another camera. Not sure if any warranty was voided but hey I don’t care my warranty was up anyway so try this at your own risk.

This is the real no BS solution unlike the popular answer about calling customer support.