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Arlo password guidelines

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Dear colleagues,

Recently I had an issue changing a password for my account.

According to the current Arlo guidelines, which looks like -

"Valid password must contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number. Allowed symbols are !@#$%^&*() Required Password must be at least 6 characters long. You must enter a valid password."

- I set a password and straight away got an error "Something went wrong, Please contact support team."


While support team couldn't really help, I found out by myself, that the main reason for an error is that I used common password guidelines for the most service providers - and I used spaces in a password.


While there was absolutely NOTHING about using spaces in passwords in the Arlo guidelines, i'm suggesting to either way

1) Fix the guidelines and say there that users should not follow common rules and use spaces in passwords.


2) Fix the system so it would be able to allow users create passwords with spaces.


All the best.


P.S. By the way, "Forgot password" link never worked (with no errors), so Support Agent manually initiated the procedure and I finally received an email to find out this issue.

And one more thing - even when "remember me" box is checked - there's all the time login form when switching from this forum to "My Arlo".


Please, fix the issues.

Arlo Employee Retired

Hi xvs,


We appreciate your feedback regarding the password guidelines. We'll share your feedback to the relevant team.