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Dear Arlo Team,


I have decided to write this post because it's enough.


Despite my best efforts to love your products and despite countless hours spent on trying to make them work, I and a lot of other people out there are completely unable to integrate your technology into our everyday lives.


Except for maybe in the airline business, I have rarely seen a company that shows more disregard for the needs of its consumer base, that is so slow in rectifying (or even acknowledging) software mistakes, and that is so damn comfortable continuing to promote a product that is obviously flawed. 


I am shocked how little you care about your consumers. People give you their trust. Can you let this sink in for a moment please? They rely on your products to keep their families and homes save, protect loved-ones in need, or secure their businesses and property. They trust you with some of their most important aspects of their lives. And you let them down. You let these people deal with faulty power units, unreliable motion detection, shotty Alexa integration, undercooked software updates, and complicated repair protocols, to name a few.


It takes hundreds of frustrated user posts before you even reply with a canned narrative - to issues that are so obviously your responsibilityy and rooted in flawed code and underdeveloped features.


Instead of fixing what you have thrown ingo the market you introduce ever new products that are equally flawed and underdeveloped. What is your excuse? Shareholder orientation, competitive pressures, toxic workplace culture, chronic understaffing?


Please take a step back and ask yourself what contribution you can really make to people's lives other than taking their money and time. Please stop hiding and start listening to - and serving! - your consumers.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for taking time to share your feedback. We hear your frustration and we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to speak to you and explore if we can find a resolution that meets your needs. Please private message us with your contact info if you would like to discuss further.


Thank you,



Thank you for your reply but we have decided to remove all three Arlo systems from the respective households that they are in by the end of this year and go for a more reliable alternative. Your products are simply too buggy, unpredictable, and slow, and my strong advice to anyone is to steer away from Arlo. Not a week goes by without charging errors, delays, integration problems (with Alexa), etc. I also don't understand why you create a legacy app and then ask users to install a new app that looks exactly like the old app. It's a real mess. You should be ashamed.