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I wish there was a way to just upload the video(s) - instead of going through a lot of hassle.


Anyway - Saturday night was just settling in to watch tv and a motion alert went off. Usually it's just a rabbit or raccon or something. Checked, and it was a PERSON!! The camera they were in front of is cleverly disguised, sitiing between two tall stacks of topsoil bags between my house and garage. 

I went to the back of the house, and sure enough there was someone crouched down. Dialed 911. The person climbed up on to the topsoil bags and just sat there. Then they kept trying the crawl onto the roof of the garage and then crouching back down. I thought for sure I was about to have my house broken into.


Cops got there and the intruder jumped down, ran across my yard and hid behind a raised garden bed. The police saw them and got the person. Turned out to be a late teens kid, and she and her friends (from a party from the druggie house next door) were playing hide and seek. These people are exactly why I got the cameras. This was perfect. I had them on camera (plus several trail cams) AND the police caught them in the act. Always better if you have proof.


Anyway - the entire residence got a trespass warning, and I am so glad it didn't turn out to be a break in. I am so thrilled (and still a bit shaken up, because really who EXPECTS to see a person in the dark on their Arlo?) that I have this. Added another camera today. As soon as in budget, would like to add more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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