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what does it mean when my cameras are on but it sayes that the signal strength is poor?

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I have my 6 cameras set up (2 in the house) 4 on the outside.

My base is in the front room and there is a window nearby.

All of my cameras say that the signal strength is poor, but the cameras all work and can record when there is motion.

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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The base sets up its own wireless network with the cameras.

The cameras need to be in range of the base in order to operate.

The further away the cameras are or the more obstructions there are between the weaker the signal strength.

As long as it's all working OK then I would not worry about it.

Keep in mind that battery life may be affected if the signal strength is weak as the cameras need to work harder to get the recordings back to the base.

You could add a second base located other end of the house closer to some of the cameras to help improve signal strength if required.