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temp outside starts does the battery level

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Hitch Guide

Here we go again, the battery game, when the temp outside starts does the battery level, just put new batteries in 2 of my 3 cameras 2 days ago and one has drop to 24% already and the other to 74% ??
One camera has the pink tint 90% of the time, goes back to normal once in awhile but it never last ??
Geofencing acting stupid half the time, sometimes it is still armed when I am home and sometimes it's unarmed when I am away, I can never trust it ??
Tired of changing batteries, tired of the pink tint and tired if looking to see what mode it's in all the time to know if I am protected or not ??
These have been on going problems for the 2 years I have had the cameras installed on my property..........looking for a better set up............any suggestions ?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Master steve_t Master

All batteries will show a low charge and shorter time between charges when the ambient temperature is low.

Pink tint is a fault and you should be able to get the camera exchanged

Battery changing is unavoidable with this camera. Arlo Pro or Pro 2 will change "battery changing" to "battery charging" or "battery swapping"

Geofencing is a function of the app/phone. If you're on an android phone, ensure app optimisation is turned off for the Arlo app; ensure location services accuracy is set to high. If it's still not as reliable as you need, consider running a Schedule instead of using Geofencing