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system went dark

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At 2:00am central daylight time on 4/08 I was out of town and got a notification. I couldn't see a video, and then I couldn't see my cameras. Everything had gone dark. I checked every five minutes while I called 911. After approx. an hour I got a notification, and was able to see the police at my front and back door. The system had come back up by itself. It was 8 hours before I could see the videos; the original one was triggered by a bat by my porch light catching bugs. Now my phone app looks different(font, format, etc). I wonder if they went down for maint. and didn't tell us. (No power outages at my house). Thanks for anything you can tell me.

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I wasn't up then but have no indication of anything untoward. It's possible that somethng with your system, your ISP and/or the servers was going on but there's no way for us to tell.