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Re: batteries are already down to 36%

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Traveler357 Aspirant

I just purchased and installed 5 cameras Wednesday evening and the batteries are already down to 36%. I was expecting far longer battery life. As I'm sitting on hold waiting for support to see if this is normal or if I have an issue I'm starting to see it's more like normal. 

Guru jguerdat Guru

How many total minutes of recording and live view have each had? Also, what are the WiFi indicators showing? If all camed as a red showing this, try mocking the base in case there's 2.4GHz interference nearby.


Might be worth a system reset, too. Remove everything from Settings,  My Devices and used the Add Device button to add the base and sync the cameras. 

Traveler357 Aspirant

My WiFi strength is full, I can't even change from the default 10 second recordings. I know now not to watch the cameras live.

manfredz Hero

Is the reason you can't change the recording length (up to 120sec), that you don't know the steps required (they're posted regularly), or you can;t get into the appropriate screens (i'd then suggest a different browser if trying on computer, doing on computer if trying on phone, or rebooting the base station if still doesn't work.

A common mistake people make when changing length is to not save the change (its not very intuitive, save button is on previous screen at bottom)

Techlore Apprentice

You may know this already, but there are rechargable batteries available for the Arlo, that will help so you aren't wasting batteries/money.