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Will arlo eventually update to use HTML5 video rather than Flash?


I wish I had known that flash was required before buying my cameras.

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Re: Will arlo eventually update to use HTML5 video rather than Flash?

Use the mobile app more. No Flash needed. BTW, I use Chrome on my tablet which works for almost everything, just not live view. No Flash available.

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Re: Will arlo eventually update to use HTML5 video rather than Flash?

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Re: Will arlo eventually update to use HTML5 video rather than Flash?

I second this. I don't have Flash installed and I don't intend to either, for reasons already mentioned. For the moment, iOS is the only platform where I watch live video stream.

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Going off Arlo as the Web app becomes the most annoying and unuseable app I've got

I'd go so far as to say "Don't buy' if you want to monitor your security video from a PC rather than squint at it on mobile devices.


1) Authentication keeps failing if you stop the process, try again from another tab in the browser, try to access from the mobile pohone app, which by the way despite having been unloaded re-loads itself again and aggrivates this issue. Just can't check 'remember me' and forget, have to keep endlessly digging out and re-entering the authentication details.

2) the devices page STILL requires FLASH, and so the Web App is basically incompatible with Google Chrome now and requires you to authenticate twice to be able to live stream. It keeps saying a new version of flash is required, which it isn't, you click that message than have to go through the Allow process and re-load the app, bloody waste of time - every time you re-load the browser!!

3) viewing videos, the new viewer here doesn't allow you to move through videos with forward and back buttons, so you have to keep minimizing and moving and re-maximnizing the viewer to go through all videos recorded in a time slot, just a oain in the %(*&%


Really Netgear, is it that difficult to develop a useable viewer and app or are we really that centric around our mobile phones, and that app is not much better in performance.

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New Arlo Ultra

CAn anyone tell me, with the release of the Ultra in Australia, are we going to get an upgraded Web application, the current version of which is still pissingh around with Flash and requiring double logon everytime to allow Flash, or is the new Ultra still pissing aropund like a game on phones and tablets wgere security observation of multiple cameras is just noty viable, certainly NOT buyinf an Ultra pack if teh web application is basically being ignored and allowed to die a slow death, come on Arlo, what's the %^&*(%^#^&(% matter with you, employed too many yuppies????

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Re: New Arlo Ultra

Not sure what this is all about. (One too many tinnies?)


Are you worried about security? If so, what's the issue?


Complaining about the browser interface? Again, what's the issue? I can see several "live" cameras in Pro and Ultra.



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