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WatchGuard Firewall

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Using desktop PC, WatchGuard Firewall Appliance on company network will block Live view. is not a static address and they redirect to various recycling IP's to Amazon cloud servers using mixed HTTPS and HTTP traffic (not secure). Any half decent firewall will block this traffic as it is dangerous (I wonder who is watching my videos as we speak???


The only solutions to make this work are to disable your proxy server so that your internet traffic is not routed through your firewall (not reccomended) OR use your wireless device to view the App connect your PC to your wireless hotspot...


Anyone have any other ideas?



I agree with your statement that Arlo should use encryption (httpS) on all their web sites!   I doubt your corporate firewall is blocking connections to unencrypted (http) sites as it would seriously disrupt viewing of many mainstream web sites. Also, it is normal for companies with a large web presence to use a "content delivery network" to provide faster service to their customers.  Amazon is an example of a content deliery network.   Without content delivery networks the Internet would have failed a long time ago!   And just because a web site uses a content delivery network, and may change to different IP address, doesn't reduce or remove the security for that web site.

My guess would be your web proxy and/or firewall is detecting something with the live stream that it doesn't like.  Pretty common occurance for web proxies and firewalls to do that.   If you feel comfortable  with approaching your web proxy/firewall administrator and mentioning the problem they may be able to add to an "allow" or "safe" list.  These lists remove security restrictions when visiting the web site.  In some companies access to web sites for personal use (such as viewing your personal Arlo cameras) may be frowned upon, and in other companies they may be okay with that.  You will know what your company policies are on personal use of the Internet.  Good luck.