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Using Arlo cam without Wifi or recording

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Can you please tell me if the following scenario works with an Arlo cam?


1. The camera is switched on
2. There is NO Wifi connection
3. The cam turns on the light, when it's dark.


And that's it. No Wifi, no recording - just the camera acting as if it was "fully working", but it actually doesn't have any network connection and doesn't record any video.


The background for my question is, that some of my neighbors are not yet convinced that they'd like to actually record people entering our house. So as a first step I'd like to install Arlo cams which seem to fully work (turn on light), but actually don't.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @diorama


To try and achieve this scenario, you will need an active Arlo secure subscription as well as enable local storage to utilize the cameras off wifi. The issue here is, you will need to have the camera set to record, since the camera uses the recording/duration for the LED to remain active.