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Updated credit card issue

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purchased the arlo system in 2014, it came with 5 cameras. i wanted to add more so i purchased the package where i could add up to 10 cameras for $9.99 a month. built my new house and like the system so much that i used it on the new house. well you all know th issue with the signal and the tower so i had to purchase a second tower and add it to my sytem with the same 10 camera package. on february 16 ,2020 i get an alert my from credit union regarding fraud alert. monday morning i getting a new debit card. i had to go onto all of my auto pays and update my information with the new card information. i start to get a message from arlo saying that my card was about to expire. i knew it couldn't be right because i had just updated my card. well they canceled my subscription and what i found that that they do not offer that plan any more. now its a 5 camera plan for more. long story short, i was on the phone with them for 1hour and 40 minutes, had to email them the fraud alert from my credit union and explained to them that i had updated my card. customer support said we can not give you your old plan.  i guess there company had gotten so big that losing one customer doesnt matter. yes they tried to sell me another package at 30% discount which is only good for 30 days and then it goes to normal price. so if you do the math, if i i kept my old package at $9.99 a month over a 10 year plan that adds up to &1,198.80. but if i cancell it adds up to  $0 dollars. great job arlo. i have recommened your system to many friends and family and even installed the system but not anymore. sad when a company get so big that making money is more important than customer service .  ticket # 41501617