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Two-Factor Authentication Issues

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I enabled the two-factor auth, and I have a couple of observations/suggestions that I hope the developers will consider.


First, I strongly prefer TOTP authentication rather than SMS. SMS is better than nothing, but it has a lot of known weaknesses and inconveniences. I hope you will add TOTP as a two-factor code generation option in the future.


Second, the design of the iOS app, at least the current app I have installed (version 2.15) makes two-factor login unusable without two devices. Upon login, using iOS's touch ID, I was presented with a screen notifying me that a code had been texted to me, and a place to type the code. But I had to switch apps to view the code, and when I switched back to the Arlo app it had logged me out and restarted the login process, invalidating the code I was sent. Stuck in an infinite loop, I had to have the code emailed to me so I could view it on a different device and avoid being logged out mid-login.


Finally, and this is a minor issue, but there's something wrong with the design of the entry field for the two-factor code. You have to touch to start entering the code -- it is not focused by default -- and you can accidentally touch the second of the six boxes. It should be a single field, not six fields designed to appear as a single six-digit field.


I hope these suggestions are helpful!

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi xaprb,


We appreciate your feedback. The suggestions made here are noted and will be passed along to the development team.


I have the same problem.  Did anyone at Arlo do some basic testing???????


The app is unusable as the original poster said.  You go to this infinite loop. 

1. Login to app

2. Arlo app said go check the code sent via SMS

3. Go to your SMS app

4. Arlo said login again

5. Arlo app said go check the code


This is a major issue.

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